Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea Review

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea 

Set sail together because everyone's favorite rumsoaked pirates are back.
ALESTORM has returned to the seven seas with treasure in sight.
No Grave But The Sea is the band's latest pearl, and the band's 5th full length album.
So Sail away into the blue horizion because Alestorm is taking you on a conquest over the seven seas for a treasure hunt.
No Grave But The Sea is as rumsoaked as it is well written. The band makes a triumphant return to claim their gold back with songs about getting drunk and sailing. The band really knows how to make a solid performance. As we dive deep into the band's new stories, we can happily say that the sound of ALESTORM, as we know it, has not changed a bit.
It's in fact one of the most unique bands of today.

Pirate metal or folk metal you name it. They've been called everything.
No Grave But The Sea is no doubt the band's finest work since Captain Morgan's Revenge.
With their Jolly Roger theme and melodic keybords they really bring they really come out stronger in this album. Important is also that they never let go of their wonderful sing along melodies.

Christopher and his crew of the damned is back again on the seven seas for a new treasure hunt. Every track of the album is just pure gold. With the Opening track really sets the mood for this record. With the 10 songs Alestorm manages to live up to the anticipation of the fans with this album.
ALESTORM'S music has so many elements that its really hard to put to words what really makes them stand out. Is it the endless keybord melodies or the unique voice of Christopher Bowie and his self irony that makes the succsess.

Fire Up The Canoons and all hands on deck. NO Grave But The Sea is out May 26 on Napalm Records  

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

DYING FETUS Release Second Single “Panic Amongst The Herd” From Upcoming Album [Official Music Video]

DYING FETUS Release Second Single “Panic Amongst The Herd” From Upcoming Album [Official Music Video]

Us based Brutal slam Death metallers Dying fetus are back with a new album this year and now we have the pleasure of announcing their latest single " Panic Amongst The Herd" of their new album Wrong One to Fuck With
Dying fetus spawned in 1991 and has since that day been pushing out 7th full lengths with Wrong one to Fuck with being their 8th studio album.

that is set to hit the streets in June 23rd
the cover art and track list follows below!
while many fans are still contemplating what to expect of their new album we can
promise that it is good old hard hitting Dying  fetus,
Brutal Slamming Death Metal with elements of technical thrown into the mix.

Wrong One To Fuck With‘, track listing:

1. Fixated on Devastation
2. Panic Amongst the Herd
3. Die With Integrity
4. Reveling in the Abyss
5. Seething With Disdain
6. Ideological Subjugation
7. Weaken the Structure
8. Fallacy
9. Unmitigated Detestation
10. Wrong One To Fuck With
11. Induce Terror(Bonus Track)

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Swedish Symphonic Extreme Band Zornheym have unleashed their cover art plus track listing for their long anticipated album, Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns

Swedish Symphonic Extreme Band Zornheym
have unleashed their cover art plus track listing for their long anticipated album,
Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns 
the album is set for worldwide release 15th of  september 2017 
CD/digital via Non Servieam Records

The band comments
Together with Dies Iona Ensembly and ZORNHEYM’s bombastic “Chorus Tenebris” choir, they have created the perfect soundtrack to your entry   into the Asylum's care.
With magnificent cover art by Pedro Sena -and the amazing graphic novel illustrated by Art by Bring; with every chapter telling more of the tales behind each song.

“This is the first chapter in the history of ZORNHEYM and we are so very proud of the outcome. The performance of everyone involved has been amazing. To use so many real instruments from day one feels like such an accomplishment. This is just the beginning!” states ZORNHEYM’s guitarist, Zorn.
“It was a great pleasure to take part in the journey of the creation of this record. To have Zornheym here in the studio with the ambition to make an album that is so much more than an ordinary metal album made me very excited to produce this recording from day one. Now looking at the final result, the power of Zornheym's music can't be denied really.” states Wing Studios' sound wizard Sverker Widgren.
Mark your calendars, on the 15th of September the gates to the asylum open!
ZORNHEYM - “Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Dwells”
1. The Opposed
2. Subjugation of the Cellist
3. A Silent God
4. Prologue to a Hypnosis
5. Trifecta of Horrors
6. ...and the Darkness Came Swiftly
7. Whom the Night Brings…
8. Decessit Vita Patris
9. Hestia
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

In Reverence - The Selected Breed 2017 review

In Reverence - The Selected Breed 2017

IN REVERENCE started their musical journey in 2010 with Filip and Oscar being the only members wishing to form something unique within the extreme Metal Scene,
But not until September the band had a complete line up.
They brought in the talented musicians Sebastian Wedholm (guitar), Pedram Khatibi Shahidi (guitar) and Roni Ivonen (bass). After a few months they released their first demo called "Necrosis" in 2011. Later they changed the name to IN REVERENCE.

The band was originally inspired by deathcore bands, and death metal, but the sound came to life but with a totally new atmospheric sound unlike anything heard before.
In 2011 Roni Iivonen decided to leave the band after the demo was done. He was replaced by Dennis Morgun for the recording of the debut EP called Hallucination, a combination of the demo sound and newer material.

Only a year after the "Hallucination" EP, the band started to have difficulties again. as Dennis and Sebastian quit the band, leaving Pedram, Oscar and Filip behind on the vessel. The trio remained united and decided it was in the band's best interest to change their musical direction to a more death metal oriented style.

Pedram took on the new role as songwriter and lyricist for the next release.
The next big break for the band was The Selected Breed , a stomping return for the band, that really brought the hard work together and introduced Pedram as songwriter and lyricist.
The Selected Breed was the result of years of hard work and military discipline focusing on work together.

Combining dissonant guitar riffs with atmospheric melodies with an oriental touch , The Selected Breed could be compared to bands like Nile, to describe
their vibe.

The whole album sings with joy in the ears of the listeners from the first song. with heavy riffs and infuriating drums making their way to a new era for metal. Without becoming a cliche or too scared of going a different path , In Reverence shows skills and perfections in their art.
The 9 songs flow on well and together with the magic artwork of Billy Lundevall and Patrik Tegnander . The Selected Breed is an album that will last a long time and should not be mistaken for some newcomer. With a good mixture of Death metal and adding a good ambience with the touch of atmospheric vibe The Selected Breed will for sure be an album that I can see making its way to the top lists of 2017.

If you still haven't preordered the album after listening to the two amazing singles I am suprises me.  

The Selected Breed Is OUT WORLDWIDE May 26th on Non Serviam Records 

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Scottish Pirate horde ALESTORM Premiere New Video ‘Alestorm’ from their upcoming album No Grave But The Sea Out May 26th

Scottish Pirate horde ALESTORM Premiere New Video ‘Alestorm’ from their upcoming album No Grave But The Sea Out May 26th,
so many times we have all asked ourselves when are we gonna hear something from our lovely Scottish rum soaked pirates Alestorm, and with ton of teasers about the new album including the album art dropping months ahead everyone begun to wonder when we would hear something new,
And today we can finally present a new chapter for the band called Alestorm,
what else to be expected aside from no pirate ship but still the same good old catchy melodies, and rum soaked pirates returning to the big screen, with their new track Alestorm, and of course this is a truly great song, I mean what can go wrong...
Despite leaving poor Elliot screaming his lungs off its still gives Christopher enough time to cheer us up with his hym about pirate life, drinking and set sail.
Alestorm new album No Grave But The Sea will be out May 26th on Napalm Records,

Pre-order "No Grave But The Sea" now! http://www.alestorm.napalmrecords.com

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Funeral Tears - Beyond The Horizon (2017) - Review

Band: Funeral Tears
Album title: Beyond The Horizon
Release date: 13 April 2017
Label: Satanath Records (Rus)/Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA)

01. Close My Eyes
02. Breathe
03. Dehiscing Emptiness
04. I Suffocate
05. Beyond The Horizon
06. Eternal Tranquility

Funeral Tears started in Tomsk, Russia during December 2007 and is probably best known as a solo funeral doom metal project by Nikolay Seredov (founder of bands like Стахановцы (Stakhanovite) and Taiga). Melancholic melodic music and lyrics seems to define what this man is all about and represent Nikolay at different periods of life, his struggle for spiritual balance, and already with two mighty full lengths behind their back Funeral Tears has made a name inside the underground funeral doom scene.

Now we have the pleasure of enjoying and hearing the latest work of Funeral Tears, the new album Beyond Horizion is more than just beautiful slow drone riffs. Many people find funeral doom or doom metal in general to be very tedious and boring, but they miss the whole point of the slow ambient feeling, the means of provoking someones feelings, and we have been very lucky this past year with great gems from many doom bands, and its great to see that Funeral Tears are among them.

The album is clocking in at near an hour, creates the aura of getting buried into the grave of intense depression and is filled with enchanting and mesmerizing tracks with insanely breathtaking melodies. While the sound is described as funeral doom one may argue over the tempo because it's a bit to high for the songs to pass through as just a typical funeral doom. In my opinion it falls more in the doom metal scene yet mixed with some dsbm vibe over it, there's kind of a Forgotten Tomb vibe present to the whole album. I think that it's nice to have a bit of a mixture thrown into the game.

While the tracks move on, the more we get into the album the more you start to really see the whole world of Nikolay reveal itself, the misery, the darkness and the melancholic thoughts that pass through ones mind. People may say that despair is the last thing that leaves us, however in some cases that might be true. As for this it's litterely burying you underneath a rock of concrete as the songs are presented in a beautiful yet morbid way. 

With many insertions of melancholic classic guitar interludes the songs take a step into even darker paths of life. Funeral Tears may not be the most typical funeral doom band, but the music is full of agony and remorse. Like I said, many can argue over the real funeral doom part of the album, it's still there but the songs are very versatile that it does kinda leave you wondering if its more of dsbm band that draws doom influences while some songs are more directly pure funeral doom, and others tend to be more towards the more standard doom tempo, the album after all for sure doesn't leave you disappointed.


Friday, 14 April 2017

Usa based Death metal legends Suffocation has premiered a new single of their upcoming album ,we mentioned before the album is called Of The Dark

Usa based Death metal legends Suffocation has premiered a new single of their upcoming album ,we mentioned before the album is called Of The Dark Light the album is set to release worldwide 9th of June via nuclear blast records. the band themselves went public today about this information. confirming the album, and it will be the band's first album with guitarist Charlie Errigo (ex-Pyrexia) on guitar and drummer Eric Morotti (Killitorous, Blind Witness) look below for art and track list and the amazing 360 visualisation Suffocation - Of The Dark Light June 9th

Tracklist: 1. Clarity Through Deprivation 2. The Warmth Within The Dark 3. Your Last Breaths 4. Return To The Abyss 5. The Violation 6. Of The Dark Light 7. Some Things Should Be Left Alone 8. Caught Between Two Worlds 9. Epitaph Of The Credulous