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Having just celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a show in their home town of Bergen, Norwegian Black Metallers TAAKE will make a welcome return to Japan where they are set to play four dates in July.  Supporting TAAKE on the tour will be BLOODSHOT DAWN from the UK,  and REMISSION and SEPTIK PIGGERY from Australia.  Routing is as follows:

26 July:  Soma, Osaka,
27 July:  Imaike 3 Star, Nagoya
28 July:  Cyclone, Tokyo,
29 July:  Cyclone, Tokyo

TAAKE's "Norwegian style and  sound, comes down to the perfection by TAAKE's iconic frontman and founder Hoest, whom has been keeping the spirit of Norwegian Black Metal alive for a quarter of a century, both in the studio and on the stage, whilst never  allowing the icy, dangerous edge, much beloved by Black Metal fans, to stagnate.
Hoest's  delivers a powerful presence on stage which easly  dominates any stage on which he sets foot on, 
combined with solid live lineup of experienced and skilled musicians, and an  extensive  back catalogue to draw from, does indeed  always help.
Taake is a band you must witness live to properely understand the value.

TAAKE's seventh full-length album "Kong Vinter" was  released on Dark Essence Records at the end of 2017 and is now available,  along with the band's other releases, and exclusive merchandise, from the following, as well as from all the usual retailers:

EU Webshop:
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More information about TAAKE can be found on the band’s official Facebook page at  or on their website at

The official video for the track “Nordbundet” from the TAAKE album “Noregs Vaapen” can be seen at

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Finland's symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH have released their brand new best-of compilation “Decades” on March 9th through Nuclear Blast to celebrate more than two decades of their career. It’s only right, then, that this milestone should be celebrated with an extensive world tour!

Finland's symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH have released their brand new best-of compilation “Decades” on March 9th through Nuclear Blast to celebrate more than two decades of their career. It’s only right, then, that this milestone should be celebrated with an extensive world tour! Currently touring North America, the band are pleased to announce their special guests for the upcoming European shows this November and December will be up and coming heavy metallers BEAST IN BLACK, led by former BATTLE BEAST guitarist Anton Kabanen. Full tour dates are below.

“There’s absolutely no better way to wrap up the year than this massive tour with NIGHTWISH,” says Anton. “Moreover, this is beyond words and our wildest dreams. We promise to give you our very best and to make these shows unforgettable!”

If you want to know what to expect from them, check out their latest videos:
‘Blind And Frozen’:
‘Beast In Black’:
‘Born Again’:
‘Zodd The Immortal’:

“Decades: Europe 2018”
02.11. S Gothenburg – Partille Arena
05.11. D Berlin – Max-Schmeling-Halle
06.11. D Hamburg – Barclaycard Arena
07.11. B Antwerp – Lotto Arena
09.11. D Oberhausen – König-Pilsener-Arena
10.11. F Paris – AccorHotels Arena
11.11. CH Geneva – Arena
13.11. SK Bratislava – Incheba Expo Arena
14.11. D Munich – Olympiahalle
16.11. D Leipzig – Arena
17.11. PL Krakow – Tauron Arena
20.11. H Budapest – Arena
22.11. CH Zurich – Hallenstadion
23.11. D Nuremberg – Arena
24.11. D Stuttgart – Schleyer-Halle
27.11. D Saarbrücken – Saarlandhalle
04.12. I Milan – Medionalum Forum
05.12. D Frankfurt – Festhalle


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Hinayana - Order Divine Review 2018

Band: Hinayana
Album title: Order Divine
Release date: 19 March 2018
Label: Self-Released

01. Gateway
02. The Window
03. Arise
04. Order Divine
05. Revelation
06. Return To Nothing
07. Conduit Closing

Texas is known for a lot of things but doom/death metal or anything melodic are not one of those things for the matter. When I think of Texas I think of brutal death metal bands like Devourment, Viral Load,... or about some desert rock, stoner and sludge/doom stuff. Even more exciting is the fact that this band, Hinayana, seem to be quite fresh on the scene, until now they released only one demo, Endless, in 2014, and four years later they return with their debut full-lenth release.

Hinayana was originally created as a one man project by vocalist/guitarist Casey Hurd, but later lead its path to full flagship of talented musicians, and now we get Order Divine which is everything you want it to be, it's quite fast, dynamic, melodic, heavy, powerfull, and just enough gloomy at times and absolutely beautiful, with its own unique sound. While slightly borrowing some elements from Swedish melodic death metal acts such as Arch Enemy or Hypocrisy to name a few, they manage with ease to capture all the greatness of each band that influenced them into their own blend of doom/death, although because of quite fast paced rhythms one may say it's perhaps closer to melodic death metal.

Hinayana made an album that is surely bound to spin for ages in your player if you are a fan of darker, very melodic, a bit faster and groovy versions of doom metal. Order Divine is characterized by deep growling vocals, captivating melodic guitar lines, thick powerful rhythmic line, several mood changes and some amazing gloomy synths, all of this is perfectly reflecting in the amazing "Return To Nothing". This four-piece band really created an amazing record that in my opinion is destined to stand the test of time, it's an album which also shines because of good production.

Containing only seven tracks it’s a pure goldmine for those who seek that extra thing to spice up their day or week for the matter, although one might be thinking that the album needs a few spins it doesn't get any better than this, you can start at any track and you are bound to be subjected to their amazing mesmerizing crushing brutal but highly addictive melodic doom/death metal. I'm also pretty confident that this record will please just about any fan of doom and death metal as well.

Review written by: Oliver
Rating: 9/10

Aeonian Sorrow - nto The Eternity A Moment We Are Review 2018

The Finnish/Greek melodic/atmospheric doom/death metal band Aeonian Sorrow was formed by the female singer/songwriter Gogo Melone in September 2015 and is about to release their debut album. Gogo is accompanied by some renowned musicians like are drummer Saku Moilanen (Red Moon Architect), vocalist Alejandro Lotero (Exgenesis), guitarist Taneli Jämsä (Ghost Voyage, Hukutus) and bassist Pyry Hanski (Mörbid Vomit, Before The Dawn,...). Soon after the creation the band started its journey into the world of sorrow in order to start writing materials for their first album. 

Band: Aeonian Sorrow
Album title: Into The Eternity A Moment We Are
Release date: 11 April 2018
Label: Self-Released

01. Forever Misery
02. Shadows Mourn
03. Under The Light
04. Memory Of Love
05. Thanatos Kyrie
06. Insendia
07. The Wind Of Silence
08. Ave End

Into The Eternity A Moment We Are brings us eight beautiful melancholic tunes and if you are familiar with bands like Swallow The sun or Red Moon Architect then you know what you are in for. Aeonian Sorrow shares all the typical trademark styles of Finnish doom metal but also has the ability to stand on its own. This is indeed not just another doom record but a very great step towards bigger things. Melodic and fragrant are perhaps two words that best describe this album, going from raging mid tempos to utter slow down tempo.

One thing that I find interesting is that every Finnish doom band seems to go for the same patterns on each record, the same regards to the vocals, nothing wrong with that, but it does sometimes feel like you are hearing the same band over and over again. The production is what you expect from a Finnish band, that warm fuzzy guitar tone that seems to haunt every doom metal band from Finland. Although it's not too much of a coincidence since they worked with the same producer that worked already with bands like Wolfheart, Red Moon Architect, etc. I always thought there are some things in common with Wolfheart already when I first heard this album.

To sum up the album, it’s a beautiful melodic doom/death record with that Finnish melancholy inherited in there. It was composed and produced by musicans who surely know their craft, there's no doubt about that. Into The Eternity A Moment We Are is and will be a gem, I can easily say that it's one of the best doom metal albums released so far in 2018. I was quite surprised about it, despite sometimes feeling a bit repetitive, the listeners will get what they wants and if you’re like me a total doom lover despite origin, this album will become a must have in your doom collection. Be sure to keep an eye on this release!

Review written by: Oliver
Rating: 7,5/10

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

SABATON Interview [Pär]: We like to stay away from current warfare. We tell about historical events

Swedish Heavy Metal giants SABATON- who are well known for writing music based on wars, historical events and heroism. Their songs usually have a grand appeal that draws influences from classic Heavy Metal of the 80’s with a subject that strongly defines their music alone. We are interacting with Pär Sundström; the band’s bassist and the only other original member alongside Joakim Brodén. Excerpts: 
MJM. Hello and first of all thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How are you doing today?
Pär: I am fantastic, we have had a few weeks of non touring which we have used wisely to work on future music. At the moment, we don’t have so much more to reveal but at least the songwriting started!
“We are more away from our families than most people”
MJM. Your last album ‘The Last Stand’ came out 2016; how has the response been?
Pär: Fantastic, we are absolutely excited about how fans enjoyed our latest album. To be able to play more than half of the album every night and see that the fans love it is great. It means that we do not rely on songs we wrote in the past but still have the ability to write new songs that is great.
MJM. Being almost constantly on the road, touring; how do you balance time with your personal life?
Pär: We live very closely with the band and it’s a part of everything we do. We ensure that all members have a good life and we make the best of the free time we have. We are more away from our families than most people but still there are a lot who have it more harder than us.
MJM. Sabaton has quite a spread discography having put out as much as 10 full lengths so far with ‘The Last Stand’, how do you go about when it comes to choosing songs for a tour or live set list?
Pär: Its getting harder and harder to select songs for live sets. But we are happy as long as we can focus on a lot of songs from the latest release. We cannot play 4 hour sets every night so it is always a compromise which older songs fit in. We try to rotate and always get in some older and unexpected songs to vary also!
“The 2012 big lineup change was a result of no chance the previous 13 years of the band where we held together”
MJM. Sabaton is known for covering world war topics of various kinds; is there any war or happening in the world you haven’t yet covered?
Pär: There are many current wars that we are not covering for the reason that we like to stay away from current warfare. We tell about historical events and not about what is happening today. There is a chance we will in the future sing about conflicts that are happening today. But first they must be solved in one way or another, become history and then we can tell that story!
MJM. Being one of the leading and heavily touring bands in Europe; the life style must be quite hard with being on the road and stressful times as well; could that also be a reason perhaps for the line-up changes for Sabaton over the years?
Pär: The 2012 big lineup change was a result of no chance the previous 13 years of the band where we held together, but people grow and change priorities of their lives.
It is hard for people to imagine this life before they try it and it is definitively not for everyone. For me personally it is great since I am a very simple person without too tight connection to any place or anyone in the world.
MJM. Sabaton has been around for a long time what are your best moments in your career with Sabaton?
Pär: There are lots of fantastic times. And we have done great shows in our lives. But to see a number one chart position in our home country is something that is hard to deny as a fantastic feeling. When it comes to shows, I’m not so interested in numbers, I remember many sweaty tight club shows as well as the arena shows. But one thing that was a big highlight for me personally was after the big lineup change in 2012 when we did our first show and saw that it actually works great now!
MJM. How would you compare Carolus Rex with your last two albums- Heros And The Last stand; musically and lyrically?
Pär: Carolus Rex of course has a completely different lyrical theme, being a concept album about Swedish history. I would also say that it is one of the albums that I have something I would like to change afterwards. I think it is too much of everything. We overuse the might of choirs and mighty orchestral arrangements in every song. The album gives not much room to breathe. On the same time I hold the Swedish version of the album as the highest.
The other two albums you mentioned are both written where we started to include new members in songwriting and I think that was a big leap musically.
MJM. How does the writing process for each album start? Do all guys get together and share your ideas or is it mainly Jaoakim and Per who is known as being the main composer for Sabaton or does anyone in the band incorporate their ideas too?
Pär: An album starts with me and Joakim who sits and discusses the possible themes. Joakim is the main songwriter who would later go ahead and create the majority of the songs by himself or with other people. And finally me and Joakim would be writing the lyrics when we are close to recording times.
MJM. Which of the recent tracks would you say is your personal favourite?
Pär: Shiroyama, and Winged Hussars for sure! 
MJM. Aside from playing at various European festivals you also have a festival in your own home town ‘Falun’ called ‘Sabaton Open Air’ how did that idea come to life?
Pär: I wanted to make something more than just a show. Its my way of doing things that I always wanna push everything to the max. So the festival started with a one day event with mainly local bands and evolved into what is now a 4 day open air event with 2 stages.
MJM. What sparked your interest to write about War?
Pär: We always were interested in war, history. And when we were looking for a theme for our music this seemed very close at heart. I personally think it fits great with the music and the lyrical theme.
MJM. Which era of the wars would you say is the most interesting? What provokes that idea in you?
Pär: World War two is my favorite since it involved so many different kind of warfare. Water, air and land plus it was a time of very quick inventions and since it was fought on several continents and with lots of countries there are many stories. But also it is the first really good documented war. Films, photos and stories are quite accurate compared to previous war stories.
MJM. Out of all stories you’ve read and researched, what was the hardest war to research about? Or rather found great fascination with?
Pär: Sometimes the themes only are a few local rumors in a part of the world and we have to do a lot of research and try to dig out what actually happened. It happens if we find a interesting idea without any information about it. Today, its much easier than when we started to write songs about war in 2004. Internet made it easier to seek the info and to connect with the necessary people!
MJM. Out of all festivals that you played how would you compare the European festivals vs the Swedish festivals as well as audiences?
Pär: I think the major festivals are many times similar no matter which country they are in. Only our own festival is something different since it gathers the most dedicated fans from all around the world.
MJM. It was great talking to you. Thank you for your time! All the best!
Pär: Thank you too!
Connect with the band
Interviewed by-
Oliver Dahlbäck
PS: All pictures belong to respective owners. No copyright infringements intended.
All b/w pics by Ryan Garrison; Photo credit by Tim Tonckoe; Severin Schweiger respectively. 

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Brand new interview with Cradle of Filths Richard Shaw Guitarist Cradle of Filth New Album Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay

CRADLE OF FILTH: We wanted to make an old school ‘Cradle of Filth’ album
UK’s Extreme Metal icons- Cradle of Filth‘s axe man Richard Shaw sat down to chat with us about their new album and the future plans and how things have been with COF all these years. The new album- Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay (2017) is now officially released via Nuclear Blast Records worldwide. Excerpts: re post from MJM Magazine by Oliver /Harsha

MJM. Hello Richard Shaw, thanks for taking the time to talk with us! How are you doing today?

Richard: I’m doing well, thank you. Very busy but feeling good.

MJM. Your new album ‘Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay’ comes out September 22 and I personally must say it’s one of my favourite COF album.

Richard: Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it. We enjoyed making it and we’re really happy with the fan and critic response so far.

MJM. A lot of fans and Media are saying that the new songs are way more melodic then previous discography which makes them think of material from Cruelty and the Beast, Dusk and Her Embrace; with a more modern approach is that something you’ve intentionally did with this album or was it just natural progression?

Richard: Half and half I’d say. When Ashok and I joined the band in early 2014 and was asked if we’d contribute to the last album, ‘Hammer of the Witches’, we wanted to make an old school Cradle of Filth album but with a fresh approach. We feel we achieved that on the last album and it was received well by the fans. We began writing that album when Ashok and I had only been in the band a few months, whereas on this album we had been in the band a few years. We know each other a lot better now and we know how far we can push each other’s abilities, whether it be songwriting or technical. We definitely wanted to make a more cinematic sounding album and I think we pulled it off.

He happened to be reading a lot of Victorian literature at the time, and was heavily influenced by the Victorian obsession with death and the occult.

MJM. Cradle is known for doing brilliant concept albums and with ‘Cryptoriana…’ being described as infused with Victorian Gothic horror, how did that idea come to mind?

Richard: That was an idea that Dani came up with later in the album writing sessions. Musically the songs were nearing completion when we were finalizing the arrangements in Brno, Czech Republic when Dani realized he needed to begin writing lyrics (other than ‘Achingly Beautiful’ which he had left over from the previous album sessions). He happened to be reading a lot of Victorian literature at the time, and was heavily influenced by the Victorian obsession with death and the occult. It seemed a natural fit to the music we were writing.

Dani has over 900 film soundtracks in his collection

MJM. On this album you also featured Liv Kristine known from the Nymphetamine era; how did that idea came about? And what did she bring to the table this time?

Richard: Lindsay came in to record her vocal parts and something wasn’t quite clicking with that song. I’m not saying Lindsay didn’t do a good job on the song, it’s just that that particular song required a different kind of vocal approach. Scott (our producer) suggested Liv, and she was happy to be a part of it. It’s a nice little homage to Cradle of Filth’s past, while at the same time, this is a very different song to ‘Nymphetamine’.

MJM. Dani had earlier mentioned that the band is deeply inspired by movie soundtracks. Which are your 5 favorites that you cannot stop loving?

Richard: I think; we all love film soundtracks, but Dani and I are probably the biggest fans. Dani has over 900 film soundtracks in his collection, I have nowhere near as many. My top five (off the top of my head) would be:

Danny Elfman – ‘Edward Scissorhands’

Hans Zimmer – ‘Gladiator’

Wojciech Kilar – ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’

Daft Punk – ‘Tron Legacy’

Danny Elfman – ‘Beetlejuice’

MJM. You joined the band quite recently. How do you share your relationship with the other members?

Richard: We all get on really well. We seem to gel musically and personally. We all have our own little quirks and idiosyncrasies that we respect and we get on great.

MJM. Tell us about your older projects and the bands you played prior to COF.

Richard: As a session musician, I still play guitar for orchestras and musical theatre, as well as playing guitar for local pop singers. I play for a karaoke band and an acoustic covers band. My two old bands, Emperor Chung and NG26, unfortunately are not as active as I’d like them to be, as we are all so busy (me especially) that it’s difficult to get together. I tend to now fit in one off projects between Cradle of Filth tours.

MJM. This is your sixth album where you’ve worked with producer Scott Atkins. What new ideas did he bring to the table this time, I understand you guys are also working with Scott for Devilment?

Richard: He’s a great producer with an incredible ear. He’s a guitarist too so he knows exactly how to get the best of me and he knows what makes a great player play at their best. He’s also great at trimming the fat, getting rid of parts that are simply unnecessary. He has the big picture in mind. He has worked with Devilment too. It makes sense. Dani has found a producer that really understands what he wants but at the same time really pushed him to deliver more than what he feels he’s capable of.

We’d go over the songs for a few hours a day and then just hang out and simply be friends the rest of the time. Like a Cradle of Filth holiday/ team building exercise.

MJM.  Let’s talk about the artwork for this record, Cradle is known for its exquisite art and detail, I understand you continue to work with Artūrs Bērziņš, who also directed the video for “Heartbreak and Séance” How did that relationship start?

Richard: From what I gather, Dani was introduced to him when we were looking at artists for the ‘Hammer of the Witches’ album. He did the artwork for that album and did an incredible job, he’s simply fantastic. We knew we wanted him to do the artwork for ‘Cryptoriana….’ but he mentioned that he’s also a film director. Once we saw some of his work, we knew he was the perfect choice to direct the ‘Heartbreak and Seance’ music video.

MJM. How did the writing process for the new album go about this time around? I read somewhere that you went along with the filths to some Team building weekend in Czech Republic could you elaborate more on that?

Richard: We had been writing by ourselves for some months before we went to the Brno in the Czech Republic. We tend to write whole pieces of music by ourselves. Martin brought in three songs, Daniel, Ashok and I brought in two songs each. Then over a period of months we discuss the notes and chord progressions but the we got together in Brno (where Martin and Ashok live) to finalize the arrangements face to face while Dani started working on the lyrics. That week was great. We’d go over the songs for a few hours a day and then just hang out and simply be friends the rest of the time. Like a Cradle of Filth holiday/ team building exercise.

Cradle of Filth‘s ‘Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay’ in stores and online at the Nuclear Blast Webstore

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Austrian Black Death Metallers Belphegor present new lyric video for the track Apophis - Black Dragon taken of their new album TOTENRITUAL,

Austrian Black Death Metallers Belphegor present new lyric video for the track Apophis - Black Dragon taken of their new album TOTENRITUAL, out September 15, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

Track listing

01. Baphomet
02. The Devil's Son
03. Swinefever - Regent Of Pigs
04. Apophis - Black Dragon
05. Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration
06. Totenbeschwörer [Instrumental]
07. Spell Of Reflection 
08. Embracing A Star
09. Totenritual